Turning Trials Into Triumphs: The Way Of The Phoenix

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Author of: Turning Trials Into Triumphs The Way Of The Phoenix

Author of: Turning Trials Into Triumphs The Way Of The Phoenix

As an Author, Public Speaker, Consultant and Transformation Expert, I help people turn their Trials Into Triumphs, develop mental toughness, identify and overcome roadblocks to success, and design and implement their ideal life. I am a Motivational Speaker, Author, and Consultant. I was trained in the prestigious Bill Gove Speech Workshop. I love the way this system weaves our real life stories into life lessons. You can remember stories so much longer than mere facts and data. It allows the audience to truly connect with the speaker. It also allows me to play a little with the audience, especially with a topic as fun as Romance!

I give keynote speeches, teach seminars, and do personal and business consulting. Other topics I cover in my keynote speeches and seminars are detailed in my website: www.mynameisphoenix.com

I make appearances to large and small audiences about how to design your life to get what you truly want and deserve. I focus on personal empowerment techniques, overcoming adversity, mind and body wellness, and personal accountability. I am an expert in mental toughness, transforming your life, resilience, personal development, and mind/body healing techniques.

As a survivor of significant trauma including overcoming an “incurable, terminal illness” and many other surreal difficulties, I truly know what determination means. I share the innovative ways I learned to get through extraordinary adversity with my audiences. By bringing personal stories of adversity, triumph, failure, and humor into my presentations, the audiences really respond and remember the material

I have specialized in helping people transform their lives for several decades. My strong healthcare background helps me combine many mind/body health techniques with my audiences, giving fresh insights into how to really make your mind and body cooperate with your objectives and goals. I focus on brain integration strategies to get better results for everything in your life.s

I am available for an appearance as a guest speaker at your next event.

Bill Gove Speech Workshop

I am the spokesperson for www.FromVictimIntoVictor.org, a site dedicate to healing the lives of trauma survivors. On the site survivors will find valuable resources for healing and creating the life you deserve to live, not what others chose for you. As a support person to a survivor, you will gain invaluable insights into what it’s like to be a trauma survivor.

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