Turning Trials Into Triumphs: The Way Of The Phoenix

Book Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents

Table of Contents:

What the Phoenix Means to Me. i

About Phoenix. ii

Testimonials. iv

Dedication. xi

Preface. xii

Introduction. 1

Emotional Wellness. 2

How Our Trials Can Actually Help Us To Excel In Life. 2

Here Are The Timeless Truths I’ve Learned. 2

Learn To Listen To Your Intuition. 5

Spiritual Direction And Guidance. 12

Best and Worst Case Scenarios. 12

Stop Making Excuses. 20

My History: 20

Negative Self-Talk. 32

Negative Perpetuating Cycles. 34

Releasing Anger. 37

Practice Positive Self-Talk. 39

Learn The Difference Between Passive, Assertive, And Aggressive Behavior. 39

Humor Heals. 42

Children Are An Endless Source Of Enjoyment And Humor. 43

All Things Work Together For Our Good. 44

The “No Room In The Inn” Principle. 44

Learn Timeless True Principles And Live Them. 44

Learn To Change Yourself. 45

The “Job Principle”. 46

Opposition. 48

See The Majesty Of Yourself. 49

Let’s Talk About Our Outer Image. 52

What Are My Basic Emotional Rights And Boundaries?. 55

Change. 57

Out Of The Fire—The Dynamic Healing Process. 57

After the Trial of our Faith Comes the Blessings. 57

Affirmations. 58

Inspiration. 60

The Strongest Steels Are Tempered In The Hottest Fires. 60

Keep a “Happy Journal”. 61

Inspirational Quotes and Thoughts. 62

Faith. 67

Life Purpose: Figure Out Why You’re On The Planet. 69

Finish What You Came Here For! 69

The “Jonah Principle” 69

Abuse. 72

Somatic Memories And Trauma. 73

Teach Others To Solve Their Own Problems. 73

Live By A Personal Mission Statement And A Set of Written Values. 75

Personal Calendar 75

Influence On Others. 76

Learn To Be Assertive In All Your Interactions. 78

Learn To Let Go Of Fear! 80

Change Begins With Problem Solving. 83

Changing Our Emotions To Suit Our Needs. 83

Timeless Truth—We Are Not Challenged Above What We Are Able To Bear 84

Health.. 84

Use Visualizations To See Yourself Whole And Well 84

Defining Your Wants And Path Through Visualizations. 84

“Deservability”. 85

Develop A Love For Life-Long Learning. 85

Family Bonding And Compliments. 87

Goals. 87

How To Set Clear, Concise Goals. 88

Happy Relationships. 89

Define What You Want 91

My Ideal Partner 91

Communication And Negotiation.. 94

Learn How To Get Your Needs Met Through Assertive Communication.. 94

Give A Really Meaningful Compliment 95

Examples of Compliments or Positive Affirming Statements. 95

Create Ground Rules For Resolving Conflict 95

Apologies Heal 95

Sincere Apologies Must Be Spoken In Their “Love Language” 96

Become An Expert Communicator 96

Life Balance Through Supportive, Loving Relationships. 100

Find The Love Of Your Life-And Keep Them.. 100

Touch And Talk Go Together 102

Hugging. 102

Romance Your Spouse/Lover 103

Build Loving Nurturing Relationships. 104

Establish Authentic, Meaningful Friendships. 105

Overcome Superficiality In Relationships. 105

Develop Intimate Relationships With Trusted Friends. 106

Get Out Of Caustic Relationships. 107

Respect Your Feelings. 107

When To Terminate A Relationship. 108

I Used To Wonder What Was Fair About Forgiveness?. 109

Releasing Yourself From Caustic Relationships Is Acceptable To God. 110

Quit Rewarding And Enabling Bad Behavior And Misuse Of Power 111

Family Bonding. 112

Parenting. 112

Transcend How You Were Parented. 113

Cherish Children.. 115

Leadership. 117

Make A Difference In Someone Else’s Life. 117

Devote Yourself To A Cause Greater Than Yourself 120

Psychic/Emotional Debt 121

Uncommon Avenues To Healing. 122

Music Therapy & Emotion.. 122

Healing Bodywork. 124

We All Have Some Form Of Trauma. 128

You Can Handle What Comes Up. 130

See Me For Individual Bodywork Sessions To Release Past Traumas. 131

How I give an Interactive Trauma Release Treatment 134

Trauma Anniversaries. 135

Dreamwork And Lucid Dreaming. 140

Aromatherapy For The Mind And Emotions. 144

Essentials Of Aromatherapy. 147

Everyday Uses For Aromatherapy. 149

For the Mind and Body. 149

Aromatherapy Methods Of Application: 151

Contraindications And Cautions. 152

Some Essential Oils, Their Properties, And Indications. 153

Aromatherapy Recipes. 156

Appendix A: Mission Statement 158

Appendix B: Life-Improving Affirmations. 160

Appendix C: Dream Affirmations. 162

Appendix D: Goals & Affirmations. 163

Appendix E: Recommended Resources. 164

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